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Catalogue of Waking Dreams

A work in progress

3 December 1978
External Services:
  • glasscut@livejournal.com
I am:
  • An immigrant from India now a citizen of these United States of America in this city of New York

  • Married to ambergypsy42

  • Friends with a huge, vicious black cat called Pi and an even bigger white horse, Snowflake

  • Registered as a Democrat, but harbor strong Socialist leanings

  • An explicit atheist, open to the possibility that my conclusion might be wrong

  • A writer of narrative fiction and screenplays

  • A filmmaker working for Zenforfree, an independent film company

  • A programmer, interested in fractals, sound, artificial intelligence, world generation and automation

  • A musician playing guitar, keyboards and electronics

The rare photograph of me that I actually like...